How online slots work?

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If you are familiar with the online casino industry, you would have come across online slots machines, or even played it before. Online slots are the most popular casino games that you will find on most gambling sites. One of the reasons why slot machines are popular among casino players is because of their simplicity. If you want more related articles on slot machines, you can check out .

To play the game, set your wager, spin the reels and wait for the outcome. In this game, landing a minimum of three matching symbols on the reels will give you a win. The rarer the game symbol, the more the game will payout when the symbol appears on the reel. During the early days of slot machines, the randomness is done manually, but now slots use a random number generator.

Random Number Generator

What exactly is a Random Number Generator, and how does it work? Well, this is simple. In the background of every slot machine that you play at an online casino, there is computer software that selects number at random. In fact, this software generates thousands of numbers in secs. Each of these numbers will be attached to a different result on the slot reel per spin.

Technically, when you set your wager and press the spin button, a random number is generated. Then the computer software will interpret the number to determine where the reels will stop, and the game will calculate the outcome of the spin. Random Number Generator is random, so your previous losses or wins will have n influence on your next spin. So every spin comes with different results.

Understanding House Edge and Return to Players Percentage

Another thing you should understand before you start playing a slot machine is the house edge and return to players percentage. First, you should know that all slot machines are different from each other. The RTP of an online slot machine will tell you how much the slot will give back to players over a certain period. This will also tell you how much house edge the casino has over you.

Let's give an example for better understanding. If a slot machine has a Return to Player percentage of 97% and over some time, you spent $1 billion playing it. The RTP means that you should expect at least $970 million back as winnings. The remaining $30 million will be what the machine will take in profit. Additionally, that 3% is what is termed as the slot house edge.

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